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with building central government capacity, which is one of the objectives of the united states and its partners. it may be portant for security gains in the short run, but it poses a long term issue. >> it sounds similar to the approach general petrais employed in iraq. is it similar or different? >> it's very different. the tribes came to the united states and asked for our help in dealing with al qaeda, which was in their midst. al qaeda were outsiders in iraq, and governing in certain parts of the anbar province. the locals didn't like that, and they wanted u.s. help in getting rid of al qaeda. they came to the united states and the united states responded to help them. in afghanistan, it's not so clear that the initiative is coming from the local communities. it seems much more driven by the international community to address the security situation, and that means that the dynamics are going to be very different than what they were in iraq. >> in terms of the obstacles to the approach in afghanistan, what would you say the main ones are, that did not exist in iraq? >> the main one is that i
and the united states. in fact, many of the country's use proportional representation, public financing of campaigns. >> we might back up and explain proportional representation. it is not well understood in america at all. >> it is not. the quickest explanation is it produces multi-party democracy. >> some time to many parties like in italy -- not in ireland, that is proportional, but it actually has three. >> you can fine-tune your democracy by setting what you call a victory threshold. how many parties. in the unites the states with a system that is democrat or republican in many districts and most districts are so non- competitive we can tell you who will wind. >> in short hand, first past the post. >> winner-take-all. >> it has worked very well in the uk. periodically the labour party says it will go to proportional representation and then they realized they may lose some of the viability and backs off it. there are a lot of use of europe and america that it is old, that it is bureaucratic beyond belief, that it is overtaxed, that people don't work hard enough, that it is not compe
. one of the findings of the 9/11 commission was the ultimate threat to the united states was when the worst weapons fell into the hands of the worst people. that led congress to create our commission to evaluate what is our level of preparation to avoid the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, particularly into the hands of terrorists. so it was appropriate that we started the day by giving back to the beginnings of this effort with families 9/11. our report on today comes eight years after 9/11. it comes one year after the publication of the report which was entitled world at risk, purposefully titled to indicate this is not one nation's problem, this is a global problem because it is the earth which is at risk, and one month after the failed attempt at an aviation bombing on christmas day there is some good news. the good news is particularly in the area of nuclear terrorism that the trend lines here seem to be running in the right direction. president obama has taken major steps to revitalize the non-proliferation regime and to encourage needed international cooperatio
a series of recalls and stopped the united states sales and production of eight popular models after reports of instances in which the gas pedal became stuck and caused the car to race out of control. >> in developing news, another recall from a japan automaker, honda. laura ingle is live with that. which model are effected? >> we're talking about 646,000 models of the compact car fit. we have a picture to show you. what we're talking about here is the 2007-2008 model. if you have a 2009 or 2010 you're reportedly okay. it's a massive recall that will send a lot of honda owners double checking their make and model. the honored recall involves overheating issues. driver's side master power window switch. it reportedly can overheat causing a fire when it comes into content with excessive liquid. honda says an example would be heavy rain. there have been seven reported incidents. >> shepard: what should owners do if they have a fit? >> keep a close eye on the driver's side door switch. recall is voluntary, we're hearing from honda that drives are not being advised to bring cars to dealer
clinton, the president of the united states from 1993 to 2001, and i will never forget, on the education of our 30th -- 30th anniversary, the very difficult situation where you joined us and where you made such a great speech. since that time, you have been with us, i think, every single year. and we are so glad to welcome you back, and particularly at this very special occasion. [applause] i think what people appreciate most is your sense of passion and the deep sense of humanity which you show always as an individual. it is not so much your formal work as a president which impresses everybody, but it is in addition -- you as a human being, which is such a great characteristic of yours. bill, you have a relationship with the country that dates back several decades. even you had your honeymoon in haiti. and since that time, i know that you had to spend a lot of your attention, of your time in your presidency but also after words with the clinton initiative in giving special attention to haiti. your knowledge of the country, its people, and its challenges has also been the reason why in m
as techs and resources stocks weigh. and i'm mike huckman in the united states. the economy likely grew at the fastest pace in four years in the fourth quarter, but experts say don't start celebrating just yet. >> hello and welcome to today's program. i'm once again here at the annual meeting of the world economic forum in davos. maria will be joining us shortly, as well. we have a great guest list for you today. we'll be joined we the chief executive of bank of america, brian moynihan. we'll talk to christine lagarde, the french finance minister. we'll be joined by lord mannedelson, amongst a whole host of other guests. we'll be joined by the ceo of china mobile. but before all of that, there's plenty we need to bring you to. christine, over to you. >> hey, ross, good to see you in davos. let's do a quick view where asian markets are trading today. we have earnings in the u.s. are failing to disappoint. they hit some of the tech sector stocks here in asia. of course, we have those concerns about greece and portugal and that seems to be weighing on sentiment, as well. the hang seng off
families and that all people of haitian dissent in the united states are in a position to contribute to their recovery. a senior economist at the world bank has projected that temporary protected status could generate an additional $360 million dollars in remittances sent to haiti in 2010. . . despite strong support from the united states, the same international participation for haiti is a vital to its recovery. it is especially important international community provide government assistance. limitations of the current government constrain prospects for recovery. these harsh these compound with the significant loss of linfe. the international community to consider measures. because of the devastation, haiti is near a failed state. we should consider an enhanced role for the united nations and the daily operations of the haitian government until the country is stable. this would include the provision of food and shelter, reconstruction, budgetary affairs, security, and other aspects vital to the haitian people. the united nations has the credibility and capacity to perform that role.
, but it needs to change in the entire united states as well. remember reverend right? he tried to explain this to america. republicans, you know what i was always taught? you call people liars, but i was always taught that it takes one to no one. go to your church and talked your creatures, who are not giving you the right training as far as how you should be as a person in america. thank you. host: news from the associated press, "bill gates is planning to give $10 billion to research vaccines over the next decade. also, there is a report that a osama bin laden, in a new video -- audio tape, has called for the world to abandon the u.s. dollar, blaming industrialized companies -- countries for global warming. the numbers are out for how many unions watched the state of the union, slipping down from last year. 48 million people tune in across 11 networks, but viewership is down from his address to the joint session of congress last february. the numbers are up from the first official address by george w. bush after the 9/11 terrorist attack. -- "as latter-day state of the union addresses g
osama bin laden blaming the united states and others for global warming. the voice is apparently calling for the world to boycott american goods and stopping, quote, the wheels of the american economy. nbc has not been able to verify if the voice is, in fact, bin laden's. >>> also developing now there is a growing chance that the obama administration may move the trial of mastermind of 9/11 out of manhattan. they announced khalid shaikh mohammed and others would be tried just blocks from the world trade center, not too far from here. at first new york city mayor michael bloomberg supported the plan but he changed his mind this week. >> the federal government could find a site that didn't cost a billion dollars, which using downtown will, and it will also impact traffic and commerce and people's lifestyles downtown and it would be great if we didn't do it. >> that prompted three other hig high-profile new york democrats, senators charles schumer, gillibrand to make their concerns public. last night a justice department official told nbc news that it is looking into contingency plans. we'l
hatched outside the united states, and then accomplished against the united states. it's the worst attack in the history of this country. so what are we doing? this is a public relations gimmick to try him in a civilian court. >> because the art i get some have made is if he's found guilty, the self-proclaimed mastermind of 9/11, if a civilian court finds him guilty, a criminal court before the whole world watching, he's sentenced to death, and executed, that would be for the world, for america's reputation as a recruiting tool against clade, much better than if a military court were to do the same thing. i see you're smiling, but the argument -- you wouldn't have all the benefits that he would have in a civilian court. >> that's not going to make a darned bit of difference to the terrorists who want to kill us or murder us. it is going to cut off questioning and intelligence as it did on christmas day. finally, all of that will mean nothing, because the president of the united states and the attorney general have very unprecedented way announced he's going to be found guilty. so his conv
. -- pivot by the president at the podium. where is it? the president of the united states came to congress and after offering a not to focusing on jobs, he renewed his embrace of the failed economic policies, calling for one more stimulus bill built on the same failed policies of the bus stimulus bill. then the president nodded in the way of fiscal discipline. house republicans welcomed the call to put our fiscal house in order. putting off to tomorrow with the spending freeze that begins in 2011 does not represent the urgency in the concern a priority that the american people want to place on fiscal discipline and getting runaway federal spending under control. after this, then we heard the president embraced the same old same old. they endorsed a national energy tax that will crush jobs in this country. it is all in the name of climate change. the president even argued in favor of the failed economic stimulus plan of us share. -- of last year. we welcome creature dialogue and bipartisanship. we were pleased to invite the presence of the night stays to our house conference. we were gratef
that create jobs right here in the united states of america. >> oh, you know, i'm like that at ball game sometimes. i don't want to stand up for every pitch either. and the small businesses in this country that create jobs, not to mention the small business owners, most republicans apparently against them, too. >> i'm proposing that we take $30 billion of the money wall street banks have repaid and use it to help community banks give small businesses the credit they need to stay afloat.ç >> just about every week the federal reserve now giving out a list of the small community banks which have failed and folded, but not the massive banks that were deemed too big to fail. when the president called for getting some of their bailout money back, republicans were seemingly against that, too. >> but if these firms can afford to hand out big bonuses again, they can afford a modest fee to pay back the taxpayers who rescued them in their time of need. >> in the republican response virginia governor mcdonnell and some people standing around him saying we are blessed here in resources and we must
released a new audiotape, purportedly of osama bin laden. the voice on that tape blames the united states for climate change and the global economic downturn. >>> in haiti, two weeks after the earthquake, medical supplies are still in short supply. they need antibiotics and painkillers and doctors there are still overwhelmed by the thousands of patients seeking treatment each day. >>> and could there be literary masterpieces hidden in j.d. saling salinger's new hampshire home. he died yesterday at the age of 91, but reportedly continued writing until his death, keeping a treasure chest of manuscripts in his safe. salinger refused to publish his late life's work. now to chuck and the 2010. >> that's pretty exciting. on the bin laden story, i guess his oil money didn't contribute to climate change. >> interesting to see him venture into other areas. >> no irony there on where he gets all his money as well. >>> let's move to the 2010. the debate over ideological purity in the republican party on display last night in charleston, south carolina. our own jobe jeb and mika brzezinski, they test
who admitted to killing abortion doctor in the united states has been found guilty of first-degree murder. he said that he killed dr. george tiller to protect unborn children and. -- and more children. at least 12 people at been killed in mogadishu in a night of heavy fighting. the shelling came as the president's celebrated his first year in office. the losing candidates have in shriveling the's -- sri lanka's presidential candidate -- he has refused to accept his defeat in elections. the haitian government says it desperately needs to hundred thousand tents to house refugees. 70 -- several days on, the majority of refugees do not have any cover. there are as many as 1 million people need to be undercover. we have this report from port- au-prince. >> hope can come in all shapes and sizes, even a green box. after 17 days of misery, something to laugh about in haiti. in a few days' time, 300,000 refugees will start moving in. it is the first proper camp to be fitted since the quake. there'll be latrines, even proper showers. but this camp is a tiny fraction of what is needed.
's take a look at something that happened last night, a bit of highjinks on the floor of the united states house of representatives. here's what president obama said about the recent supreme court decision in last night's state of the union. let's listen, and watch as we do justice samuel alito's reaction. >> last week, the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe will open the floodgates for special interests, including foreign corporations, to spend without limit in our elections.ç i don't think american elections should be bank rolled by america's most powerful interests or worse, by foreign entities. >> what do you make of that? i couldn't quite see it. everybody's talking about him saying, you you know, let's -- we're going to show it again. people say he said something like "not true" under his breath. >> i've seen it. the close-up. it seems -- >> there he is. he's shaking his head. >> no one's accusing him of a jerry springer moment. this shouldn't be belittled either. what happened there, to use a word, would be exceptionally injudicious. >> is he supposed to be like
. >> if the president of the united states is going to describe the state of the union he has to describe to us why that decision was made. it seems like a totally irresponsible decision. a terrorist who wanted to kill hundreds of people is captured. he's talking and we cut it off. why and who made the decision? some person made that decision. was it at the local level? the national level? was it the president? did they interrupt him on vacation to get him to make the decision? if they didn't interrupt him on vacation, why didn't they interrupt him on vacation? >> sean: as i was watching he seemed angry. it seemed like at one point he almost wanted to recapture that mood of the campaign and expect the chamber to stan and say yes we can, yes we can! did you get that? >> i did. he was flailing about. his attack on the supreme court was unprecedented. i've never soon a president do that try to embarrass the supreme court. try tomorrow brass the membership. trying to get his partisans who all up, several leaning over the justices clapping. i happened to have justice's decision here he misstated the dec
" and larry schweitart, author of "patriot's history of the united states." where do i begin? who wants to give me, you know, r.j., let me start with you. your book really opened my eyes on woodrow wilson. give me definition of what progressivism is. >> it's moving beyond the constitution, getting beyond the bedrock principle osthe american founding. the progressives detested the political ideas behind the declaration of independence, because they enshrined the idea of individual god-given rights as the end of government. they detested the constitution because the constitution put limits on the national government which were designed to uphold those rights. as you said in the introduction, the progressive dream was one of unlimited national government, redistribution of wealth was part of that plan. progressives knew political founders stood in their way. so it's to move beyond the constitution. do you agree with that here? >> it is. i think it's even more in that there is an assumption about human nature that's built into progressivism. >> glenn: okay. let's get into that in a second.
hitting my hot buttons. the president of the united states took on the republican critics at their retreat today. president obama was absolutely outstanding today. every progressive needs to see this. this is a guy you voted for. republican lawmaker joe barton was in the room and he'll be joining me in just a minute to talk about it. it looks like the administration is scrapping plans to try the alleged mastermind in lower manhattan. plus, osama bin laden is criticizing america on climate change. lizz winstead will take a stab at that. >>> i think the big story tonight, the president going over to the retreat. the republicans made a mistake by inviting him to this retreat and letting the cameras actually take live this question and answer question. we're getting the truth now, folks. for an hour and a half, with no teleprompter, i might add, the president answered questions from members of the republican caucus on question after question, the president dismantled their talking points, exposed problems with their policies and pointed out their own hypocrisy, like when they've taken credit f
welcome the support of the united states and other partners at strengthening the capability and strength and leadership of the afghan national security forces. during the next two-three years, we intend to focus on gradually assuming the responsibility of security in parts of our country. this will allow our international partners to eventually move their forces out of the parts secured by our own forces. we will spare no effort to and sacrifice to leave the security of our country all over afghanistan. regrettably, civilian casualties' continue to be a great concern. we should put the protection of people's lives and property at the top of their agenda. we should do our best to minimize the need for nightly raids. such raids may take place only under special circumstances. the afghan people demand that such operations are conducted by afghan forces. we must ensure the security of the afghan state. we must bring its in line with the laws of afghanistan. national sovereignty also requires demonstrating commitment to to justice. afghanistan wants to work with the united states and with nat
an impartial jury in new york. 9/11 affected everyone in the united states. i don't buy the argument that you can't have new yorkers as jurors in this trial. >> the trouble with some of these -- first, mrs. serrat was tried at fort mcnair and hanged in on the lincoln assassination, or said to be in on the lincoln assassination. tried them and hung him right there at the fort. chris, they don't realize american civil trials are part game. you get the dream team attorneys on one side. reporters go in. prosecution had some good points today. they'll be out after it's over, standing there, the attorneys will, in front of those cameras. if khalid shaikh mohammed is smart, he will get someone to argue the case of the islamic terrorist protest, what's been done to the palestinians, what's been done to the iraqis, what the americans have done. put the united states on trial and get a lawyer in there to do it. and that will be a disaster for barack obama. >> you already have that. but pat, you already have that with ksm and the military tribunal. you have got to remember, the end of the bush administr
leadership, too. if you think that 41 votes determines things in the united states senate, show some leadership. they don't even have a bill. at least the house has some kind of health insurance bill. the senate has -- the senate republicans have nothing. they offered nothing. it's an annihilistic approach. >> looking at the bank stuff, which was obviously the theme last night,úio the democrats now introduce legislation punishing big banks, rewarding community banks and putting up a statue of earning banks, how do the republicans actually vote no on this? because they're going to have to. or they're going to be an app d appendage to a democratic plan to punish the big banks and reward the community banks. >> it's a very cleverly structured tax. i think obama should call it a tax not a fee, you know. it is a tax. it's very hard for the republicans to be against it. the only argument that they have, which scott brown used, is that it won't work because the banks will just pass on these costs to the consumer. the problem with that argument, the cleverness, is that it only applies to b
heard back from the haitian ambassador to the united states. raymond joseph. i have a transcript of the conversation our producer had with the ambassador. i want to show you other pictures of the ambassador taken last night at the state of you the union address. the ambassador seated there behind the first lady. in his call to us ambassador joseph says, quote, i saw the piece he reported last night, meaning me, i saw he accused me of not wanting to talk to him. i think he should understand and you should understand i'm in washington, d.c., not in haiti. again, the ambassador went on to say how can i comment on things on the ground? if he needs something in the united states, my jurisdiction, i will comment. he went on to say he's not god. our producer said, have you spoke with anyone from the government in haiti? since your last conversation with the producer from the show. the ambassador said, i have no more to tell you. i'm answering no more questions. our producer asked if he had spoken to anyone from his government and he hung up on our producer. no answers there. we headed t
the united states of america? to me that state of the union address was a joke. it was a lot of talk but nothing seems to get done. >> reporter: i hope the guy in the chair liked his hair cut as well. ireporter nelson may of north carolina says he's an independent. he says the democrats and republicans, he says they're not doing their jobs, but still he has hope. >> you might have the new america in which these politicians reach across the party lines, come to some agreement and actually care about solving the problems. >> there you go. >> reporter: now, our newsroom blog, tony, has been very busy with your viewers, independent voters describing themselves, sharing their political ideologies. he writes independents don't care about political affiliations, they just want to see progress an results. walter rights independents want change. neither party will deliver it. limit representatives and senators to two terms, just as the president. congress is not a career path. this viewer says get in, get things done, get out and make room for others with ideas. run again later, if you wish.
, the united states of america stands as one to defend our country. absolutely. it's that same spirit of bipartisanship that made it possible for me to sign a bill that was co-sponsored by senator mccain and members of congress here today. we've stood together on behalf of our nation's veterans. together we passed the largest increase in the va's budget to provide better access and medical care for those who serve in uniform. some of you also joined democrats in supporting a credit card bill of rights and in extending unemployment compensation to americans who are out of work. some of you joined us in stopping tobacco companies from targeting kids, expanding opportunities for young people to serve our country and helping respond homeowners stay in their homes. so, we have a track record of working together. it is possible. but, john, as you mentioned, on some very big things we've seen party line votes that -- i'm just going to be honest -- were disappointing. let's start with our efforts to jump-start the economy last winter, when we were losing 700,000 jobs a month. our financial sy
. it doesn't go far enough. the congress in the united states has become a disgrace. it doesn't deal with the problems in the country. watching the state of the union and watching the camera pan across the room and looking, the average age of members of the u.s. senate is now 62. 56 or 57 for the house. that place is no more representative of this country. it is a bubble. it is worse than gridlock. it is self-interest. it is geographical interest. not about the common good. obama has been rolled by them. he thought he could charm them. he tried again. this time using a little bit of shame. but the great interest in this country ought to be the congress of the united states, republicans and democrats, and finding a mechanism to structurally reform it, and throw most of them or all of them out of there and start over. >> the president going on the campaign trail, is it a good move or style over substance? >> i think a lot of it is style over substance. i think obama says he failed to communicate. i think he's failed to convey any sense of conviction. i think he has failed to convey ide
states of america. -- thank you, everybody. god bless the united states of america. [applause] ♪ ["hail to the chief"] ♪ ["hail to the chief"] >> president obama spent about an hour-and-a-half with house republicans at the legislative retreat in baltimore. it is an unusual but not unheard of even where the president visits with other members -- where the president visits with members of the other party. we have been listening to the president's remarks. the white house and republican leaders open it up to c-span cameras. we thank them for that. we will open our phone lines to you for your reactions. here is our plan. we will show you the remainder of this as the president leaves. we will then wait for the republican news conference we're expecting to start at any moment. we will bring that to you live and take your telephone calls. the republican conference chair said we hope to have a serious conversation with the president about our proposal. what do you think? is the conversation series? the first call is on the democrats' line. >> all i can say is, "way to go, obama." taking quest
if they choose a career in public service. because in the united states no one should go broke because they chose to go to college. >> glenn: 10% of your income. that is fantastic. >>> you got it? you could take out a giant loan and go to harvard and you only have to pay -- say you take out $250,000 loan. but you only make 40,000. you only have to pay 10% every year of your income. back. after 20 year, whatever is left, don't worry about it. we got it! now remember, we're in according to the president, we're in the wreckage of the worst time in american history since the civil war. the great depression, world war ii, or the civil rights movement. but the federal government is going to pay for universal colle college, logic and math. ask logical questions. how do we pay for the college? most people can't afford college. we're having a hard time. average cost of college is $26,000. where is the government, for your children, my children, everybody else's children, where are they going to get the magical $26,000? well, he just said. they're going to pay for it because you are going to get a governme
republicans. an extraordinary event as the president of the united states takes on all comers. in the wake of that, we're going right now to baltimore, the renaissance hotel where eric cantor is speaking. let's take a listen to what he says in the wake of the president addressing house republicans. >> begin to open their doors and invite republicans to participate in a discussion like we just had. obviously we heard differences, and there are differences. but as the leader just said, there are some things we agree upon. offshore drilling seems to be one that came up several times in there as well as the construction of clean nuclear plants of let's go ahead and do those things. let's do the things we can agree upon, set aside, perhaps, the things the president believes in that we philosophically don't. but if there's some common ground we ought to go ahead forward with those. i look forward to house leadership on the other side of the aisle follows the lead of the president and we can begin to see progress towards making things happen for the american people. >> let me say house republican
station. >>> new this morning, another audio tape from osama bin laden is blasting the united states for ausing global warming. he also blames other industrialized problems. he's calling for a worldwide boycott of the u.s. dollar and all products made in the united states. >>> and the white house is scrambling to find a plan b. for the trial of the 9/11 terror attacks. >> there is growing outrage for a trial in ew york city and now the administration is looking for other options. doug luzader has the story this morning from capitol hill. >> reporter: the administration has been hammered over this decision to try khalid shake mohammed in new york but the white house may be looking for a way out. after the announcement of the trial in new york city, the drum roll from new york has been relentless. >> they're not going to try him in new york. there's no question. the cost is prohibitive, and the risk factor is too much to sustain. >> reporter: and officials tell fox news they are looking at alternatives. the administration had been standing behind attorney general eric holder's decision
hill. and they were busted after seemingly trying to tamper with the phones of a united states senator's office. one of their lawyers tells us what the suspects were really after. the other side of the story and the rest of it as well coming up on "the fox report." bull market or bear, traders are always hungry for ideas. trading's all about strategy. and strategy... is all about information. heat mapping shows me where the money's moving. twenty-five hundred stocks... one quick glance. that's where the action is. look at this, pattern matcher. pattern matcher spots technical patterns automatically. it's like pattern radar. td ameritrade. built by traders, for traders. this is what i need. announcer: trade commission free for 30 days, plus get 100 dollars cash, when you open an account. sir? finding everything okay? i work for a different insurance company. my auto policy's just getting a little too expensive. with progressive, you get the "name your price" option, so we build a policy to fit your budget. wow! the price gun. ♪ ah! wish we had this. we'd just tell people what to pay.
the u.s. government is currently the largest employer in the united states with over 2 million civilian employees. the government's already proved it can, indeed, create jobs. the real question is whether the role government plays in creating jobs is good for the long-term health of the country. and the answer to that question is complex. perry says, excuse me for not being long winded, but not at all. dave says, you asked on tv, jack, why they always say jobs, jobs, jobs three times. they say it three times because men won't get the message if you won't see it three times. you always see signs that say girl, girls, girls, would anybody remember elvis presley's movie if they just called it girls? i have to go home now. if you want to read more, it's on my blog at cnn.com/caffertyfile. working late into the night doesn't agree with me at night. >> not going to last that much longer, jack. don't worry. see you back here tomorrow. >>> indiana congressman is trying to explain why his private charity spends tens of thousands of dollars on golf vacation for staff and donors but not a dime on
] to the men and women of the united states armed forces, the uso delivers the joys and comforts of home. even out here. find out how you can help at uso.org statement, no surprises there, but we're still going to break it down with dan cook from i.g. markets. he joins us now. welcome to the show, dan. of course, interest rates are kept the same, close to zero. the committee sees this usual phrase, exceptal levels raised for an extended period. the feds are refusing to give any hint about when they're going to raise interest rates. is that the right approach. >> the data has been positive, but not overwhelmingly so. they have a lot of other tools they can utilize other than interest rates for a while. >> there is one that dissentedsd from that phrase keeping interest rates low for a period of time. >> it is a phrase. i think we'll see more in the meeting minutes. it seems like we're going to start to see more of that. as we start to see signs of the market improving, there will probably be a few dissenters. >> okay. we could see a further battle down the road about the question about raising r
with united states citizens on board. obviously, impacting our national security, and our national interest. the most significant difference is reid was apprehended in december of 2001, during the early stages of our war against al-qaeda, and at that point in time, we weren't as equipped as we are today to essentially hold these terrorists as illegal enemy combatants and use that as way to gather significant and substantial intelligence that will certainly keep our country and our men and women in uniform much safer. we do know that tremendous intelligence has been gathered over this period of time by those detainees that are held at gitmo. we also know that those folks that have been apprehended and prosecuted domestically in the united states, even though they are illegal enemy combatants, have provided little or no value for an intelligence perspective. jane: so did you get something from reid when he pleaded guilty? >> no. reid gave us some statements early on, but as soon as he realized that he had the right to remain silent, he remained silent. he provided no cooperation with the gove
. in particular, i believe it is the duty of this body that is the united states senate, to hold accountable those regulators whose oversight of our financial institution and markets helped produce the greatest economic crisis this country has experienced in some 80 years. madam president, because the federal reserve, during chairman bernanke's term failed to take the steps to ensure that our financial institutions were properly regulated and would not need federal bailout to survive, i do not believe that mr. bernanke should be confirmed for another term. prior to the recent financial crisis, as a member of the board of governors, bernanke enacted policies that contributed to excessive risk-taking. subsequently, as board chairman, he ignored or downplayed the serious emerging risk. he failed to use regulatory authority available to the sides to prevent housing speculation and unfounded and in practices, often misjudged the nature of problems and markets, contributed to market turbulence by appearing to act inconsistently and in an ad hoc manner. he failed to ensure transparency of actions and bas
, breaking news, a message believed to frb -- to be from osama bin laden, blaming the united states and other western countries for climate change. the message, the world should boycott american goods and the u.s. dollar to stop global warming and at the same time destroy america's economy. that aired on alisyn: today -- onal gentleman zera today. whether true or not the first reference to global warming. take it from the source, osama bin laden. martha: well, we are getting a look at the new approval ratings for the president, this survey was done over the past several days and the latest rasmussen tracking poll shows 46 percent of the people that they've spoken to approve of the job that the president is doing, 54 percent in the disapproval column. joining us is independent pollster scott rasmussen. scott, good morning to you, great to have you here. >> always great to be with you and i got to point out the numbers you referenced were taken over the last three nights, so two-thirds of the interviews were done before the president's speech, the sample that we have for after the speech shows
to people who give us jobs right here in the united states of america. it is the right thing to do. it is the right thing to do. it is the right thing to do. now, i have to say this. the steps that i just mentioned will help accelerate job growth in an economy that is already beginning to grow. but, the steps we take a loan won't make up for the 7 million jobs we lost over the last two years. keep in mind, when we were sworn into office, that december, we have lost 650,000 jobs. january, as we were being sworn in the lost 700,000 jobs. february, 650,000 jobs so before lost.ld even put in place that is a deep hole that we are going to have to fill in the only way to do that is to lay a new foundation for long-term economic growth and finally address the struggles that middle-class families have been grappling with for years. florida, that is why joe and i asked for the chance to serve as your president and vice president. because-- [applause] look, look, we did not seek this office to push our problems of or take the easy road to the next election. eban to solve problems, problems t
general of the united states, eric holder. [applause] >> good morning. i think we're already starting to save some money here on the heat. [laughter] >> it's a little brisk up here. i don't know what it's like down there. [laughter] >> thank you so much, kathleen. i want to say hello and a special thank you to deputy secretary korr, incoming, acting deputy attorney general grindler did i get that title right and lanny brewer is here as well. i'm pleased to join all of you and i thank you all for participating in today's important discussion. let me also thank the national institutes of health for hosting us. i think it's very fitting that we're gathered here at nih where some of our nation's most innovative and collaborative thinking about healthcare is done. now, as we turn our attention to the problem of healthcare fraud, one of our most urgent, destructive and widespread national challenges we have an opportunity to build on the record of achievement that's been established right here. today's summit marks a critical step forward in the work being done by h.e.a.t., our healthcare f
can be litigated successfully and securely in united states of america just like others have including richard reid. if he were to say that, your comment would be what? >> my response on richard reid that was just months after september 11. the military tribunal system was just being put into place. we now have a tribunal system that's been approved by the supreme court the important thing is not necessarily getting a conviction that's not that hard. get as much intelligence as you can can and also prevent any intelligence from being made public what can happen at a trial like this plus the risk you're putting american cities at. we've never had a trial quite like the 9/11 trial and when you talk to the n.y.p.d. at trials they have fld -- in the 1990s much lower dimension still very damaging to the city as far as the economy. on this we bring in people from guantanamo to new york city three, four, five years cost over a billion dollars. makes absolutely no sense. we have a system in place. the supreme court has proifd it that's where they should be held that's where they should be trie
messenger. that's the president of the united states who has promised that he will focus on the economy and on jobs, which all the polls say that's what most americans want him to do. you will see more and more of these trips into interesting places, certainly florida which has a senate race coming up that will be really kind of fun to watch. he's going to new hampshire next week, another senate race that will be great to watch. these are pretty strategic places but it is also a way day after day after day to echo what the president wanted to get across last night to those independents and, in fact, to disenchanted democrats. here's where i stand, i understand that we've got to bring the deficit down, i understand we have to get jobs. you're going to hear that in one permutation or another for weeks to come. >> jeff, also a big part of the message, bipartisanship. again, john, to reach out to independents. i want to play for you the response we got today from the house republican leader john boehner. take a listen to this. >> i know who i am. i know what my principles are. i know what t
't change the trajectory, they will have a shorter lifespan than their parents. here in the united states of america. the fact that some of these consequences don't show up for 10 or 15 or 20 years, should not make this any less of a crisis, although dr. palfrey just did a great job of what really happens in the unseen impacts of childhood obesity. the administration has already supported some major changes in policy to help reverse the growing trend of obesity. one of the most historic steps is the recovery act that the president signed almost a year ago, which is going to have a first time ever 650 million-dollar investment in prevention and wellness aimed at obesity and smoking cessation. community projects across this country will be experimenting with what really it takes to make some changes. and the surgeon general has already recognized that there are a range of factors influencing obesity. what we've already done with those grants is begin to allocate them to states, but also to ask communities to come up with creative strategies. and some of the ideas are really encouraging. in
, do you believe barack obama is a citizen of the united states? ask them, do you believe the tenth amendment doesn't allow for health care of every citizen in the country? do you believe medicare and social security and medicaid is socialism? i think these questions need to be driven to them. it needs to be put to them. then as we move toward the general elections -- that's in a primary contest. i'd get those candidates out there now defining these people as to where they stand. and then secondly, in the general election, i think that driving these substantive issues, as we create jobs -- and even there, you know, i want to see republicans, what they're going to say when it comes time to cast a vote to create jobs in america. you know, when we have an emergency in this country like flood -- flooding or hurricane disasters, we consider a disaster when 15 million american bread winners don't have a job, i consider that a disaster, one that has to be responded to by the federal government. let them choose on whose side are they on. trying to get families back to work in america or tak
of like everyone is talking about how the united states is slow. you made a very, very pointed comment in your conference call which just finished where you talked about that the u.s. is actually getting stronger. how can you explain the disconnect between what i heard last night in the president's state of the union about how things aren't so strong and all the doom and gloomsters and your u.s. business is picking up here? >> jim, i think one thing is that technology is leading this recovery. and i don't think that's been true since the tech bubble burst back at the beginning of last decade. so i think there's pent-up demand for technology and we're seeing it. our i.t. business in america grew by double digits on a year on year basis. >> that's why i like tech and i'm going to keep pushing it. roy vallee, great to have you on sir. you do have the pulse on this whole industry. thanks so much. those of you crying in your beer about qualcomm thinking it's all over, mr. vallee has a better handle on it than qualcomm who has no handle on it at all. i feel better. technology is leading us,
of the united states. >> god bless the united states of america. >> on "andrea mitchell reports," we've n seen an extraordinary confrontation between the president of the united states and several leading members of the republican caucus, led by mike pence, who some say have presidential ambitions of his own down the road. there were awkward moments, to say the least, joined now by senator rock be feller, democrat from west virginia. i don't think there's been a meeting between the president and house caucus, we never anticipated there would be this much back and forth and the president clearly is not having any of those precooked questions, which were, as he put it, sounded more like talking points. was there any communication there? do you think that that advanced anything in the direction of bipartisan conversation, which is what the american people overwhelmingly want, according to every poll? >> it certainly is what the american people overwhelmingly want. to be honest with you, i didn't hear all of it -- i just heard the end of it. but what i heard didn't make me more hopeful. it's one o
everybody. god bless the united states of america. thank you, everybody. (applause) >> woodruff: now, more on the president's appearance before house republicans-- someone who was there for it all, texas representative jeb hensarling. congressman hensarling, thanks for being with us and for standing out in the cold. what did you take away from this unusual session? >> well, you're right, judy, it was an unusual session. listen, the president deserves great credit for accepting our invitation. i'm glad that he did it. i'm hoping something good will come out of it. we've never seen any kind of outreach from speaker pelosi to attempt to work on a bipartisan basis. i hope we see one out of the president. there are some areas maybe we can work on. but i got to tell you, the american people want accountability in government. and regardless of whether you are a republican or democrat today i think was at least a chapter in accountability. i mean things like the louisiana purchase and the cornhusker kickback, people want to see some accountability. they saw it today. >> woodruff: you asked him a q
, we had the president of the united states, who is also the leader of the democratic party in america today, acknowledge that republicans have substantive, positive alternatives on all the major issues of the day. and this was the beginning of the first real exchange of ideas. because you know the pelosi democrats in congress have totally shut us out of the process for the last 12 months. >> here's more from the president here today. thank you, congressman pence. here's the president. >> i am absolutely committed to working with you op these issues. but it can't just be political assertions that aren't substantiated when it comes to the actual details of policy. because otherwise, we're going to be selling the american people a bill of goods. i mean, easiest thing for me to do on the health care debate would have been to tell people that what you're going to get is guaranteed health insurance, lower your costs, all the insurance reforms. we're going to lower the cost of medicare and medicaid, and it won't cost anybody anything. that is great politics. it's just not true. >> was the pr
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